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Introducing our Bison Meat Box, a gourmet selection curated for the discerning carnivore. Indulge in the succulent tenderness of our premium bison meat cuts, including Filet, Ribeye, New York Strip, and Top Sirloin, each meticulously portioned for your enjoyment. Enrich your culinary creations with the savory flavor of our Chuck Roast and Short Ribs, perfect for hearty stews and slow-cooked delights. Plus, satisfy your burger cravings with our eight pounds of ground bison burger, conveniently packaged for freshness. Complete your grilling experience with our savory bison patties, offering convenience without compromising taste. With this bountiful assortment, every meal is a celebration of exceptional flavor and quality.

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2 packages of Filet – 6oz each

2 package of Ribeye – 12oz each

2 package of New York Strip – 10oz each

2 package of Top Sirloin – 8oz each

1 package of Chuck Roast

1 package of Short Ribs

8 pounds ground burger in 1 pound packages

1 package of bison patties


*1 steak to a package and all steaks are cut approximately 1.25 inches thick

*Orders need to be placed by 6 pm on Saturday in order to be shipped out the following Monday

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Weight 27 lbs
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  1. Berk

    Good variety in this box!

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